Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Facts of Bintulu

# First Set of "Malaysia "Stamps in Bintulu

16 th September 1963 , Where was I ? Well, I was in Primary Six at St. Anthony 's School in the Third Term of the school academic calender . Interestingly enough, just days before 16 th September , we were singing " God Save The Queen" in our school assembly. On the eventful 16/9/63 we found ourselves in a new political entity called "Malaysia".

We were taught to sing " Negara Ku" instead.

To commemorate the formation of Malaysia, the new Federal Government issued these rare and most memorable issue of stamps for Sarawak. These were released on 16 th September 1963 in Bintulu. I still have in my safekeeping three different colour stamps and three different nominations viz 50 cents, 12 cents and 10 cents of these " Malaysia" stamps

Notice the sun rising over the maps of East Malaysia and West Malaysia. The sun spreading its warmth over all of Malaysia.

Well I am not sure how much the stamps collectors would value these stamps. But I am certain that I'll not part with them. They are a sign of the times.

Thus in about two months from now we Malaysians of Sarawak origin would be celebrating our 44th anniversary within Malaysia.

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