Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Facts of Bintulu

Mr. P.G. Koshy posing next to the Prince Maida memorial in 1966.
The memorial had wordings in Japanese and was made of our local durable " belian " wood that made it last for many, many years .
This structure was later taken bak to Japan by the family of Prince Maida as was related to me many years ago.

# First Ever Japanese Memorial in Bintulu

During the brief Japanese occupation of Bintulu ( 1941-1945) the brother of the Emperor of Japan, by the name of Prince Maida flew in to Bintulu.

Unfortunately, the plane that brought him crashed off the coast of Tanjong Batu. Thus the Japanese regime erected a memorial in memory of Prince Maida who was killed in the plane crash.


Jasmin said...

Just wonder, is the japanese memorial still exist???

@!EX said...

do you know where is the belian wood now?

cherry blossom said...

It's been shipped back to Japan.