Sunday, July 22, 2007

First Facts of Bintulu

# First " Scrambler Bike" To Arrive By MAS Plane
An icon not to be missed by SMK students ( 1976)
Location: Picnic Spot, Tanjong Batu Bintulu.
On 25th January 1975, by special arrangement with my local supplier and agent, the 'scrambler bike"viz a Yamaha Trail 125cc arrived by MAS flight at around 9.30 am. I bought it from Mr. Kho from Tai Hua Hardware. Upon leaving the tarmac, I saw Mr. Kho proudly pushing the bike to the terminal building of the Bintulu old airport much to the surprise and admiration of the spectators . I was told my MAS officials that this was the first time they ever transported a motorcycle by their aircraft .
Costing RM 2800 , it was a unique introduction to the Bintulu 1970's motorcycling generation.

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