Monday, October 29, 2007


This is one of those rare poems I wrote on ....well HISTORY. Reflecting the time of my life as the " Young Man as Artist " period.


Ah, my dear History
you give me solace
you inform me
despite differences in time and the ages
Man has not changed much
in his instincts and desires
and his fundamental being
is still of human creature
only his motivations has been worth noting
he searches, desires and realises
his dreams , whims and fancies
he endeavours in all
his very best or very worst
he achieves and he reflects
and so you , my dear
has been his achievement
the road he has trod
and continues to march on
in the field of time.



Anonymous said...

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Robert Rizal Abdullah said...

Dear Mahmud,

Nice poem. TLS had made me love poems and I have written an anthology and published last year. For some of my poems go to my website

Robert Madang