Sunday, June 24, 2007

Initial notes:Let this blog be my contribution to the history of Bintulu. For have not people of Bintulu notice a mango tree that stands tall and alone at the left side of the road as you enter the town using the old airport road. Perhaps you want to find out the history of this tree before it is axed?Do you know the meaning of Kidurong?Now the site of the largest LNG complex in the world(Yes,Hear Me The Whole Wide World) Kidurong- here in Bintulu! .Well let me give you a hint.It is named after an animal.Believe it?OK ,now in true historical fashion,can you referenced it?I mean what is the literature source,such that the story is credible and substantiated.
This is just a teaser.You can get the feel already.Picking up historical subjects can be really down to earth.Anybody is welcome to contribute as well.However be clear at the onset that this is a Bintulu history blog.Other towns are not welcome here.

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